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Old 03-28-2011, 08:18 PM
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Default Re: New & need advice, questions answered etc...

Originally Posted by matthurd View Post
well i don't want to mislead you so just to make sure we're on the same page, from what iv'e seen from other users on the forum, bikeberry gave the people a hassle at first, then after people posted on the forums swooped in to save the day, and themselves.

so assuming something goes wrong, they kinda wanna brush it off, if you make a big deal about it on the forums bikeberry mans up to protect it's image.

so basically if you're lucky things will be just fine. if you're not make a big deal out of it here and bikeberry will make good on its advertised warranty.

and heres a thread for you to read up on.
Thanks for that link and I will keep what you said in mind. I have realized after doing a lot more reading that it would be best for me to wait to buy the kit until warm weather is officially here, so I can assemble/test/break-in the kit right away, while I still have warrantee etc. It seems it would be foolish to buy a kit and sit on it for any amount of time, so I have a bit more time to read and feel out the situation.
Becoming more familiar with the motor choices, I had "thought" I had made the decision on what I would buy. Grubee seemed to be a pretty popular motor so I was going to go with the newest and bestest GT5-Super Rat engine, then I got to reading... Seems there are a lot of bogging issues with it and the new improved carb might be more of a problem than an improvement? I know this is a pretty new engine and carb so I will watch the forum for a while and if I don't see these problems getting worked out I will probably go with the regular GT5 package to avoid the hassle. The Super Rat engine seems to have all the specs and features but if you can't get the thing to run right what is it worth? I'm not into spending an extra $50 just to buy myself problems!
Maybe some time will allow these issues to be resolved, watching the forum feedback for the next month or so should lead me to the proper decision on which kit to buy from which vendor....
Thanks again for the feedback....
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Old 03-28-2011, 09:35 PM
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Default Re: New & need advice, questions answered etc...

what i think the real problem with the new carb is, is that the screw that we use to tighten it up at the intake is garbage, i went to home depot, bought some m5 screws and the proper nut and was able to torque it down real tight, before it was "kinda" tight. the other thing is people probably don't have it set quite right.

it seemed to work fine for me, although i admittedly don't have anything to compare it too as it was my first motor and most likely my last inframe motor because honestly this has been a nightmare.

the idea of friction drive doesn't thrill me, but the simplicity of it does, i'm looking into it now, most likely will buy a kit from thatsdax.

while most seem to have a pretty easy time with in frames this has been a living **** of a build for me and i'm done with it.
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