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Old 01-30-2011, 05:29 PM
shoggoth80 shoggoth80 is offline
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Default Noob from western WA.

Hey all. Neat forum you guys have here.
Figured I would sign up. I have an interest.
I don't have a motorized bicycle just yet... but I have an engine kit. Lol.
Used to ride motorcycles a lot, so I have a love of all things that go upon two wheels... even if they are small displacement. Even better if it is 2 cycle. My street bike gets horrible mileage... if anyone is familiar with Kawasaki Triples... 3 cylinder, 2 stroke. I have a baby triple (400cc), and a larger H1 (500cc), but this one is a total project build.

Anyway... yeah, I have an engine kit. Was advertised as 80cc... but it is probably more like one of the 66cc kits. Little 2 cycle motor. I don't have a bike to put it on yet. I am thinking old school beach cruiser. Maybe even go vintage look on the thing. But that is to be decided later. That being said, a mountain bike would be more versatile, but not nearly as neat.

I have a few months left of school, and was just musing with a friend over small engined two wheelers... then remembered that I actually HAVE the kit stashed in my parents' garage...and that I should DO something with it. Lol. Because cheap commuting is always good.

Out of curiosity, are there any tips for uncorking these little things? I saw an expansion chamber for the Chinese kits. Thought that was kinda neat, in a nerdy sort of way. Anything else that can be done? Any limiters on the carbs, different jets? Cheap tweaks?
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Old 01-30-2011, 06:27 PM
professor's Avatar
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Default Re: Noob from western WA.

Hi Sho, really- get a bike with two brakes and preferably, at least V brakes. You can find cruisers with those brakes and a derailer to give you some gears. Better, would be a bike with a suspension front end. I also reccomend a sus. seat post.

As for the engine- the best thing is the ex chamber. Look at the shift kits by Sick bike parts- a totally cool add on.
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Old 01-30-2011, 07:00 PM
shoggoth80 shoggoth80 is offline
Motorized Bicycle Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Seattle
Posts: 22
Default Re: Noob from western WA.

Yeah, I was thinking maybe something with a springer front end. Sorta like the older/vintage look. I like the board tracker look more... but that would be a much different project all together. I am not mechanically disinclined, but I am not much of an engineer. I can put stuff together, and fix it...but I dunno about fabricating. Lol. Would be neat to roll an old school racer with a larger engine, but that will have to stay a daydream for a while.

Any decent bikes in the $100 range? I know wally-world (ick) has a number of them. That doesn't mean I want one of theirs. Ha ha ha! Been looking over the local craigslist, but a lot of people wanting good money for used stuff. There are options. For all I know, I might be able to cobble something from an old bike or two hanging out in my parents' barn... they're packrats that way. I'll have to check around, hit pawns/thrifts see if anything turns up.

Looked over the "guide to engine prep" thread, and thoroughly liked it. Not really blueprinting, but it is yanking it apart, checking all the critical stuff, and then reassembling, making sure everything is as it should be. Really just common sense, but it's simple stuff that someone unfamiliar with these kits (such as myself) might overlook the first time around.

It seems most of these Chinese kits are the same engine, even from different manufacturers. Does anyone know what the design is based off of? I love 2-cycle engines for simplicity. They might need more frequent rebuilds, but there is so much less to them...and with the right tuning are downright fun.

Anyone make a velocity stack for the carb? Stack, jets, readjust the needle, plus the spannie might add some pep...
Anyone ever port the engine? I don't think I would try that, but it would be neat just to see how much you can stretch out of a small powerplant.
I know that the Derbi bikes are supposed to hit 60 on their 50ccs, and if you drop the 80cc jug, piston, and head on the 50cc bottom you are looking at a little more.

Thinking an old 26" cruiser, with some fenders, white tires, and maybe a bullet style light up front and out back for safety. Maybe get lights that are generator run? Or maybe just LED stuff for simplicity. They are bright, and run a good while (or should).

It's just fun thinking "outside the box." I have only seen one person with a motorized bike... and that was a while ago at that.
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