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Old 10-18-2010, 12:23 PM
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Angry anyone have a spare tire?

on my way to work last night, riding with traffic on the far right side of the road as is proper, someone decides to be impartient and go around me to make a right pull the clutch and slam the coaster brake down to keep from smashing into the side of the guys car......the "special person" drove off and i thought everything was going to be ok.....then i pull up to the light and wait for it to turn green....tried to take off on the bike and the pedal crank locks up....being that i have had so many problems with the motor and chain, i figured that something was wrong with the thing again so i killed the motor, unhooked the chain and tried to pedal again.....was still locking up......looked it over again and couldnt find anything wrong with the pedal i started looking at the back tire.....coaster brake arm looked alright, tire alighnment looked ok, wheel had fender i took the back tire off, and tried to turn the sprocket on the pedal crank side of free wheel spin.....i locked the bike frame to the closest sign post as it was already night time outside and i was already going to be late to work, and started the long trudge back home....(about a mile away) home, got a closer inspection of the brake hub, and did not like what i found at all.....first off the hub on the motor sprocket side is all flared out like something inside went horribly wrong (because it did)...i opened the hub up and to my great surprise and amazement for one the retaining bolt (double sided bolt that goes through the hub) is bent pretty of the brake shoes on the coaster brake is in the hub sideways....i have no idea how that happened , and the other is completely wedged inside the i call my work and tell them im going to be about an hour and a half late or so.....they understood and sympathized....took some wd40 and a hammer and proceeded to unstick the brake everything unstuck but noticed that if i try to put the brake shoes back in im going to get the same result every time because of the bent retaining bolt and the flared out i put all the parts except for the brake shoes back in the hub and spun the wheel....makes a lot of complaining noises but it turns i kiss the wife goodnight, and trudge back out to my bike,,,,,,hook the back wheel back up, and it not going to hook the motor back up until i can get a new back wheel and hub....due to the until further notice ill be pedaling my way around again....payday wednesday so i may get away with pedaling until i can just go buy another bicycle.....if the price of a new back wheel and hub is the same as the price of a new bike then ill just get the new bike and transfer the motor over to the new one......unless someone has a spare coaster brake tire they arent using......let me know if you do...thanks,
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Old 10-19-2010, 01:38 PM
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Default Re: anyone have a spare tire?

ouch....guess that means a no.....sorry for complaining so much on the forum.....hopefully someone with the same problems can learn a little something from what ive been ranting about.......ELI
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Old 10-19-2010, 02:08 PM
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Thumbs up Re: anyone have a spare tire?

Ive had this problem once... take your back rim off and open the hub enough to
see if the bearings are toast,if their ok? pack more bearing grease inside the hub.
remember that your coaster brake will heat up and cook that grease inside the hub
and lock up... install front brakes!!! if u have'nt already
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