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Old 10-31-2010, 08:06 PM
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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

Originally Posted by IamTheBear View Post
Ok so i know the cranbrook topic has been beat to death, but people including me are gonna keep buying them. The more people that buy them also the more people that start turning them into something else. So i was wondering if the collective minds would come together to kind of make a spec list of sizes for the bike. Based on true knowledge and what has been fit to it. I.E. fit 20" forks on a 24" frame. Could this be done with the cranbrook?
Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I just sold my Cranboob with 2000 + miles on it. I did all the things I outlined here- and then rode it for two years, with no problems.

Stay away from rough patches in the road and treat it with respect and a Cranboob will last a long time.

They are really cheaply done) bikes.
YES they ARE cheaply done BUT some of us with NO JOB and NO income have NO choice and IamThebear asked some simple basic questions which nobody wanted to answer because you were so determined to make your point that the Huffy is a BAD start.

Well some of us can NOT make another start. So why don't you GIVE the dimensions that IamThebear asked for and stop rubbing his nose in his HUFFY

I signed off this group after suffering through all of the NON-answers to IamThebear's Inquiry deciding that the group was drunk on the smell of it's own cork instead of a community that SHARED. View my history and you will see since then my posts have been ZERO.

I DO know from MEASUREMENT that after-market spring forks wont fit a Huffy whose steering post is .996" and after-market steering posts are a good 1 mm FATTER.

i have successfully applied after-market luggage racks and front baskets and LED lights to the much maligned Huffy with NO fit/function problems.

I am sorry if you judge my answer harsh and uncaring but I have a motto: Words MEAN things, and IamThebear's words were not responded to (he ASKED for dimensions) and the whole thread seemed to this novice to be rather selfish

I apologize if I have misjudged, but on the surface, that's the way it was perceived.

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