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Old 05-29-2011, 09:26 PM
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Default Re: Engine squeaking problems

Originally Posted by motivation View Post
my engine also starts squeaking upon starting then dissapears after 30-60 seconds, it is hard to start and runs weak on starting..have to pedal hard when starts to keep going, once going, often speeds up, slows down frequently w/o change in throttle, power is not as strong as it should, can't get full throttle stength harder and harder to start...squeaked more often...not just on starting but at higher speeds as, won't start anymore.....just squeaks a lot when try to start....just got new stock nt please!
I was actually posting for this guy who revived the dead thread.

You actually can file down the squarish ones to fit the circles, though I don't know if the count of them is the same.

Though, back to the OP.

It could be sparkplug, but I doubt it.

How are you wired? Optimally you want it like this.

Black CDI to Black Motor to Green Killswitch.
Blue CDI to Blue Motor to Red/Yellow Killswitch.
White Motor to WIRE CAP.

As well, take some dikes to your sparkplug wire - trim off half an inch off each end and screw them back in.
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Old 06-01-2011, 08:07 AM
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Default Re: Engine squeaking problems

I have the same problem, the only way the bike would start is peddling like crazy down a steep hill, engine would start for a second, then turn off...would do this a few times while holding the throttle wide open...eventually would stay won't start at all...just makes squeaking sound while trying to start....did you find out if CDI problem or magneto?

Originally Posted by MadC View Post
this thread is old, but it helped, sorry I didn't get back to you guys..

It actually wasn't a clutch problem, it's weird... I changed a broken metal seal between the head and engine. and the noise stopped.

But now the problem I have is new. I can't get the bike to go, the bicycle tries to start, sounds like it is trying to give it gas when throttle is turned, but it just won't start...

peddling my ass off with it running, having the gas go into it but not starting...

could that be a spark plug or CDI plug problem?
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