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Old 11-20-2008, 08:33 AM
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Default Re: Springer front end

Originally Posted by RedB66 View Post
I have a caliper brake on my springer fork. It is attatched where the fender would normally mount.
The trouble with caliper brakes is that they are no good. You need a proper V-brake with bosses on each fork and I'm not sure where you can these. Schwinn have them on the Deluxe 7 so it can be sold in countries with laws stipulating all bikes must be sold with 2 brakes. Most cheapskate maufacturers just throw on a cheap caliper brake to save the trouble of welding bosses onto the forks. Given that so many cruisers have those wretched coaster brakes on the back, which are totally useless in terms of stopping power, the need for a really good front brake is even more important.
There is no good reason why all springers can't come with V-brake or disc brake or provision for both but the people who make bikes have little in common with the people who ride bikes and the cruiser market is driven by pubertal kids who don't really know what's good from what's bad hence the silly coaster brake on almost all cruisers.
I have seen springers with V-brake bosses as after-market parts but I don't know where they came from. Even that lovely Monarch vintage fork has no provision for brakes and it's made in either Canada or USA which shows how bad things have become in the brain department.
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