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Old 08-26-2010, 04:17 AM
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Default Re: Any clean 2-strokes?

Originally Posted by HybriDude View Post
Good question Kev

Getting Motorised bikes on the road in Oz has been an interest of mine for several years.

I think that 2-strokes have a lot to offer because of light weight. The lighter the vehicle weight, the less power (pedal + motor) to push around. You would think that the environmentalists would jump at it, but the bogey they bring up is dirty 2-strokes.

Sure, 4-strokes are also motorized bicycles and they are substantially illegal in Oz as well. 4-stroke bikes tend to be heavier and less likely to be readily operable as a pedal cycle.

In my view, the holy grail motorized bicycle is; fully operable as pedal cycle, 1.6 kW (2HP) motor, vehicle (bike + engine) weight less than 25 kg, 50 km/h (30mph) top speed under power.

At this stage, there is no bike-engine market potential in Oz until the road regulations are changed. So far as 2-strokes, I suspect that means clean strokes, although it would take 20+ years for dirty 2-strokes to ever be a problem in Oz.
The bigger problem is the 200watt limit, unless you want to pay ~400 bucks for a detuned HT motor that supposedly is 200watt output your fresh out of luck for legal ICE mountable engines for bicyles regardless of the polution they spew out.

Look into an electric bicycle if you want a motorised bike in OZ and not want hassles from the law...Mine gets 50 kilometer per charge more than enough range IMO is near silent so doesn't attract unwanted attention from the law.

The 200watt law is also under review, looking to make it 250watt at rear wheel with no power AFTER bicycle exceeds 25km/hr and must be a pedelec i.e you must pedal for motor power
to be applied...upto 25km/hr...good luck getting a HT setup like that LoL..e-bikes
are available off the shelf that comply with these laws if you wish to stay 'legal' jm2c

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