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Old 07-20-2010, 07:14 PM
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Default Starfire 58cc G2A engine clutch issues

Greetings, I have a starfire 58cc engine gen 2 A, I have had it for around two weeks or so.

From day one, the clutch jamms alot when i engage it, and it seems the engine is very tight.

I have replaced the clutch twice, because they keep breaking.

The part that breaks is the clutch assembly wheel, the wheel that has the clutch pads on it.

The bearings start to show inside the freewheel & come loose and the clutch assembly wheel is rendered useless.

The original clutch assembly wheel was damaged from the start, making it very noisy from loose wheel bearings.

When the clutch wheels loosen up they need to be replaced because the bearings can fall out.
The way how they assemble these clutches make it very difficult to tighten the thread on the clutch wheel so the bearings inside it are snug.

Does anybody know a method on how to tighten the clutch assembly wheel, so the bearings are more snug?

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