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Old 07-15-2010, 02:24 AM
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Default Watch for me in your town !

Hello, I been reading awhile here. My first post.

Anyhow I have traveled thousands of miles on motorized bikes. The reason is because they are very useful in my work. I am a long haul semi truck driver. Before I got a bike I sat around on my breaks very bored and needing a ride to the store for groceries or other things . Many places we can't take the big trucks. I first tried to put a Suzuki FA 50 on the cat walk of the truck but there was not enough room. My brother told me about the motor kit for a bike. That was about 1990. My first kit was a friction drive from Staton-Inc. I've tried out about 7 different kits over the years.

I did quit riding my bikes for several years after I was assigned a larger semi that was capable of holding a full sized motorcycle on the catwalk. But just recently I am going back to using a motorized bike again.

Believe it, I have lost 2 nice bike motor kits. One, I accidentally left it in the truck and it passed to the next truck driver. I never found out what happened to it. The company was not concerned about things I left behind. Never recovered. It was a nice mostly home built mount using a Kawasaki 48cc. I think it was called TD-48.

The other was a early Golden Eagle Bike engine kit. After several years of sitting it the garage not being used. The whole transmission part came up missing. Later I found out they have changed the kit so its not much use trying to replace the missing part.

Because of my years of riding these bike motor kits all over the country. I have alot of interesting stories I could tell. I have some old photos too. And because I take the bike on a semi, I've put the bike on the ground in many different states.

Later in life, I got married and therefore I ended up getting a tandem bike ( 2002 Diamondback Wildwood tandem ) which I still have. I put a kit on that. I did take a bad crash with my wife on board one day. She's OK, but she's a little more wary of my driving now.

Here's what I've tried so far.

1. small Staton friction drive

2. MX5 kit bought when it first came out in Popular Mechanics or Science. It came out in the magazine two different issues maybe a couple of years apart just guessing.

3. and 4. Bought two Kawasaki TD-48s One was home built. I bought a nose cone from a powerful weed trimmer that fit the Kawasaki engine. I hacksawed and filed it down and made a custom quick disconnect mount for my bike. Staton supplied the mount for the second engine. I heavily modified that one.

5. bought the early Golden Eagle Bike Engine. Put that on my tandem bike.

6. I purchased the "China Girl" bike kit of eBay. Not installed. Still in the box.

7. Now installing the Stanton-inc rack mount gear box "outside drive" on the tandem bike. Almost finished. I been doing that while at work.

I'm thinking about a second kit for my single bike. I have the single bike on board the truck also now. Its quicker to throw down than the big tandem if my wife is not going to be riding also.

I presently only have the 2 kits on hand now, the new Stanton and the China kit. The China kit, I might not even use. I've had second thoughts about it. Or I might assemble it to keep around the house when I am home for others to check it out.

Well there ya go in a nutshell. The kits have come a long way and there is alot I see that looks really good out there.

I like the kits with the big four strokes and the heavy duty transmissions and drives. I like the idea of a very quiet 4-stroke.

Because I use the bikes all over the place. I try to keep from being noticed by the law just to be on the safe side. The quietness would help. Also I have covered the engines as much as possible.

see you in your town !

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Old 07-15-2010, 06:51 PM
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Default Re: Watch for me in your town !

Who are you driving for now?
All times wasted wots not spent ridin. Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live. Mark Twain
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Old 07-16-2010, 12:59 AM
katoomer katoomer is offline
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Default Re: Watch for me in your town !

Who are you driving for now?
JB Hunt Transport,Inc
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Old 07-16-2010, 01:49 AM
KCvale KCvale is offline
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Default Re: Watch for me in your town !

I think in your situation I would just go light (to get on and off the truck easy), and pretty much disposable, cheap, like $300.

All you pretty much want to use it for is to go solo from where you park like a truck stop/motel/rest area to somewhere close and then back right?

If it's more than that well that's another story ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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