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Old 06-10-2010, 01:12 PM
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Default Re: Dual Brake Lever - Info. 2 share

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

Using The Dual Brake With Thumb Throttle Off Of Atv, Seems To Be A Quailty Item. Have Not Heard Of Any Recall`s, Which Is A Bit Of Comfort. Have Thought Of Installing A Front Fork With Rim And Disc Brake. Hook The Rim Brake To A Left Hand Lever For Safety/backup.

Imho Here Is A Comparison Of Adjusting One Brake Loose And One Close. If You Take A Automobile With 4 Wheel Hydrualic Drum Brakes - Adjust The Shoe`s Close On One Axle And The Brake Shoe`s Loose On The Other Axle.

The Result Is; It Takes More Pedal Travel And Brake Fluid To Get The Slack Out Of The System. Then Line Pressure Build`s Equailly In The System. (using The Old Single Style Master Cylinder With One Plunger). Line pressure is equal. they use different bore wheel cylinders and shoe size`s to get desired results.

The Dual Lever Brake Will Not Apply Pressure Until The Slack Is Out Of The Cables. Farracing And I Used The Dual Master Cyclinders With Adjustable Balance Bar To Regulate Brake Bias Front To Rear in our race cars. You Will Get Lapped In A Hurry Without It. Nascar, Everbody Use`s It Now.

Remember This Is My Opinion. "I Thought I Was Wrong Once, But I Was Mistaken!". Lol

Later My Friends. Ron .
Right - because there's a rocking bar the cables attach to w/dual pull 4-wheeler levers, I thought this bicycle variant didn't have one (that it was just cast) so the outer cable would have more pull...

I just double checked and to my surprise it does have the rocking bar hidden away in there! So I stand corrected on that and no wonder I've had problems trying to get the front to brake hard enough (for my taste) sorry 'bout that mixup *blush* That's what I get fer assumptions lol

Still, now knowing this I'm gonna play with my new drum brakes & that bike - I personally really do prefer the "heavy front brake" camp with two wheels (ideal conditions) and I really like being able to use both with variable amounts of pressure separate from one another (depending on wet/dry/sandy/icy). This is my first dual brake lever TBH and I've had mixed feelings about it - it's definitely safe I'll grant ya'll that, convenient too, but I still think of it as a compromise *shrug*

Pesky personal preferences

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Old 06-10-2010, 01:33 PM
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Default Re: Dual Brake Lever - Info. 2 share

to keep from flipping the bike, just make sure you arms flex when you apply the brakes. I use my arms as shock absorbers when breaking and i can do a panic stop and not flip. Most people flip over the bars because they keep their arms stiff, which causes your weight to go up instead of forward. When you bend your arms the motion of you goes forward and down and not up and over. Well thats how it works for me
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