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Old 05-24-2010, 02:03 AM
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Default The new guy from Oregon

So far I'm liking what I have found in this forum. I'm loving all the links. The forum itself is giving me ideas and helping with some questions. I just finished my first motorized bike about a month ago but learned the hard way not to use a cheap/weak frame. I only got ride it for less than two weeks before the top tube broke away from the head tube, luckily I didn't wreck! I have a new raw frame on the way to start over. Also one of the studs on the tank that came with the kit cracked and is leaking, I'm in the process of building a custom tank. I'm not sure how long I should take to break it in? Before the frame broke it seemed like the engine was starting to act up a bit. As I would take off all was well til about half way through it's power range and then it would start to vibrate really bad for a bit and then go away. Any clues? I look forward to being a part of the motorized network.
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Old 05-24-2010, 02:44 AM
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Default Re: The new guy from Oregon

Welcome to the site!
I am guessing that you are referring to a Chinese in frame 2-stroke. They take at least a gallon of fuel to break in initially, about 2 gallons before they are settled in nicely.
A strong frame is a must, as well as 11ga or 10ga spokes and strong brakes so you don't have any unexpected sudden stops.
A custom tank eh? Please post pics if you can. i have been eyeballing a few small dirt bike tanks on ebay right now. Nothing custom, but at least they hold more that 2 quarts of fuel.
Vibration is just the nature of the beast in these little engines, They are not really balanced internally very well. Some are pretty smooth, others will shake the fillings out of your grand children. Break in usually will smooth things out though.
"It's a chinagirl. It's a sometimes fun little engine that often will break your heart. It's disposable.

Does not come with a fortune cookie."
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