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Old 04-23-2010, 11:59 AM
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Default Bicycle (bike) Trailer Designs and Options

Thought i would post this information as someone asked me about trailers.

Some good examples of trailer designs:

1) The Extrawheel:]YouTube - bicycle trailers Extrawheel and bike panniers

2) The BoB Ibex: (scroll down past the Extra wheel)]Pedal

3) The Aevon Bicycle Trailer:]YouTube - Aevon Bicycle Trailer Demo

4) The Oxtail Trailer:]Video Gallery - watch videos of the Oxtail bicycle trailer in action

5) The Mayacycle Trailer:]Maya Cycle Bicycle Trailer ::

6) The Midget Tailrat Trailer:]YouTube - Midget TrailRat

and the best tandam axle trailer of them all - this is the best of the best of the conventional style trailer with 4 wheels and independant suspension:]YouTube - Midget Bushtrekka The Flagship Bicycle Trailer

There are other conventional trailers like the Burley range, that will need to be adapted in some way if you want to carry heavy cargo, but they do have a designated cargo trailer.

If anyone else has good example of new or interesting designs, please post video links or photos.


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