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Old 04-22-2010, 10:38 PM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

Oh yeah and one more thing. Since these china-made engines aren't exactly the most precision made engines in the world when I get around to putting the muffler on is it necessary to coat the exhaust gasket with any exhaust sealant to ensure a good seal? Have any of you done that on your engines?
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Old 04-22-2010, 10:39 PM
meowy84 meowy84 is offline
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

Thanks again Pablo.
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Old 04-23-2010, 11:02 AM
macattie88 macattie88 is offline
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

i use a DENSO IRIDIUM POWER IWF20 and it works great...smooth at idle and under acceleration.
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Old 04-23-2010, 12:51 PM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

Just a quick mod that I really like on my daily commute is using my front derailer shift lever for my clutch, I have the Shimono rapid fire type shifter and it is nice and easy to engage and disengage the clutch well stopping at lights and for the down hill.
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Old 04-23-2010, 08:12 PM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

All I have to say is WOW. I got my Iridium plug from SBP today and what a great difference. The engine starts up in less than half a crank of the pedals and it idles SO much smoother. Seems like the idle is much more constant and doesn't go up and down a bit.

It's a lot smoother on the low end too. Real nice ride.
And btw, the bogging that I was experiencing is gone completely now. It didn't bog once in the 4 hours I rode today.

Great plug. Thanks SBP!!!
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Old 10-14-2010, 10:22 AM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

The heat range does have an effect. I was running bp5hs without problems with a top speed of 62-63kph and switched to a b7hs and lost some top speed but gained in bottom end. So i bought another set of plugs. Brp6hs and i have a top speed of 65kph and bottom end is good.
Bu i also have a bunch of mods. Home made ram air, i extended the exhaust to the back of the bike with two expansion chambers and a muffler, i raised the pin in the carb to give it more gas.

Last edited by DICYRUL3S; 10-14-2010 at 10:34 AM. Reason: Add pictures of relavant work
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Old 04-17-2012, 01:03 PM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

( i have a 66cc grubee with the cns carb and fancy airfilter, and a three prong plug that I am dancing around upgrading if possible)
The bike is for fun and commute in the hills of northern Colorado(Loveland) around 6000 f.a.s.l.

As far as mods, I think that just letting the engine break in then work on mods after is a better bet when it comes to the scientific method. If you mod and the engine is still breaking in, then how do you actually know if the mod was possitive, and if so to what extent. Thoughts?
That being said after break in..
I will be looking at new plugs and wire for a bit more thrust, and drilling/dremel the pipe. and raising the needle one level.
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Old 04-17-2012, 01:23 PM
motor_bike_fanatic motor_bike_fanatic is offline
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

I agree with waiting till after break-in to perform any mods. If you are happy with your cns carb, thats good. some love em, some hate em. The nt carb is way easier to tune, but if you tune the cns carb properly, you can get a lot more speed. in the hills, I would definitely get an expansion chamber and either a bigger sprocket or a shift kit. upgrading your wiring is good for reliability of your ignition system, but im not sure it will give you more thrust. an expansion chamber definitely will. with any expansion chamber, the longer your head pipe the wider your powerband. a shorter header will only give you a boost at high rpm's and wont do crap on hills. as far as moving your needle, you want to check your spark plug first. I would definitely wait for that till well after break-in. Go for at least a 15-20 minute ride, then let the engine cool down, pull your spark plug, and look at the color of your prongs and the porcelain part. white or grey means lean, black means rich. anywhere in the range of honey, tan, brown, or chocolate is what you want. if you are lean, raise the needle. if you are rich, lower it. I was running super rich to the point that oil was leaking from my head. I lowered my needle all the way. the oil stopped leaking and my spark plug turned a toasty chocolate color. thats the color you want.

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Old 05-12-2013, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

This is my review from simply trying to buy an NGK plug from the local Advanced Auto.

I've ordered many parts from this store such as a complete exhaust system from this same store in the past using the same phone number ,& my name. They called me when my exhaust came in 3 days later. No problems.Fast forward to this past 2 weeks. I called to order a part,they didn't have it in stock... so I was told by " MIKE" my part would be in in 2 days We will call you when it comes in @ and he even verified my phone number. Yup I said thats it I said and we both hung up

When a week & a half went by and I received no phone call on this particular part I decided to call to check on on it. Again Mike answered the phone. I asked if my part came in ? Mike asked me for & I gave him my name and my phone number calm and cool as a cucumber as I like to be. Keep in mind this part is fr a small gas engine I have... so it's no rush I don't HAVE to have it so i'm in no hurry to get the part.So there was no sence of ergency on my end. Right off the bat I sense an attitude from this "MIKE" guy There was even a sigh of stress as he answered the phone Sunday morning at 9:05 am He asks me again can I have your name and number again so I give him my name he says number I say 508-295-,, he says "WOAH ,WOAH , WOAH... hold on guy... jeez he says I'm only a human being here slow down " "& a dumb one at that apparently" I refrained from saying!

Now when I give my number out most people can jot down more than 3 numbers at a time "most take 6 numbers usually like 508.295 pause then the last 4 "as I was saying my number he was repeating it back to me so he couldn't hear the next 3 numbers I wanted so much to say " if you close your mouth you may be able to hear the next set of numbers instead of talking over them" but no he had to repeat every 3 numbers so I went along with this strange method of number taking. He seemed to be doing it to aggravate me Id say 508 - he says 5.......0........8....yea? id say 295 . .He goes 2.........9.........5... .

Then he tells me we have no record of you in our system ..I said thats funny I got a phone call from Drew " I think he said his name was" 3 weeks ago telling me my exhaust system was in on this same number I've had for over 10 years .. Well I'm telling you SIR we have never had this number in our system.... I said Mike you personally took my number a week ago i remember talking to you because you did the same 3 digit number read back thing you just did. . Then I'm thinking to myself but didn't say out loud ... " I don't know how you could screw a number up when it takes you 5 minutes to jot the number down in 3 number intervals I never criticized his number takeing method in case hew was numerically challenged or something I didn't want to belittle him. I did feel like saying if you just shut up and listen you will get the numbers so much easier It's called paying attention .So my dealing with this store have been ok except when A guy named Mike answers thew phone .. Hey Mike if you don't want to be there quit and let someone who wants to work have your job sir!!!

So at this point It behooves me trying to think how this got so screwed up. So I give him the plug specifications again BP7HS. You don't need that plug he says all you need is this bla bla bla it's the same thing ... no I don't want your AC delco plug want my NGK plug . " this particular plug has an extended tip plug while keeping the same depth into the cylinder with a cooler heat range. Exactly what I need and the plug every professional engine builder recommends. This was 2 weeks ago called the other day and they had no order for ym plug Mike likes to play games it seems. So If you call there and get Mike ask or some one else.
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Old 05-12-2013, 10:02 AM
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Default Re: What spark plug for my 80/66cc engine?

@Jumpa, have you considered calling Advanced Auto's corporate headquarters? ...or even the manager of that particular store?

...these stores are franchises bro and so are subject to bad employes from time to time just like any other business, it doesn't mean the business is bad, just that the putz you dealt with should be fired.

just my .02, bozo
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