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Old 04-08-2010, 09:51 PM
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Default Is it even worth it?

I have a stock Grubee 66cc/80cc skyhawk that i ordered from gasbike. I am just wondering if doing mods such as engine porting (i am not skilled enough to do it myself so i have to get a shop to do so) as well as taking apart the entire engine to make sure there are no metal shavings and better grease, the whole works is worth it on the engine. I want a fairly powerful engine that is somewhat reliable to get around quickly in. I just want to know if mods and upgrades are worth the time (and money) on the grubee 66cc/80cc skyhawk. And if they are not worth it, which engine is worth the effort and money?

As a side note i would throw on a SBP exhaust pipe and SBP Shift kit.

Another question. NT carb or Speed carb? I am looking for a fairly decent carb with moderate tuning needs. I have the NT atm but am willing to get something better.
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Old 04-09-2010, 05:44 AM
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Default Re: Is it even worth it?

at the very least match the gaskets and smooth out any sharp edges in the intake manifold. and try and even out where the flange connects to the pipe.

the gaskets are prob the easiest part. get gasket paper before hand for the exhaust gasket because it will most likely break when you take it off. The intake gasket can be saved if you are careful with taking it off.
After you have it out its as simple as cutting along the line that the port of the engine has imprinted on both existing gaskets, then you have your template and you can make all the gaskets you like.

it doesn't seem like much but you can def feel and hear a difference. in the way the engine runs.

also, a little dab of grease on the primary drive gear and the 2 gears inside the RHS cover goes a long way in smoothing things out. Just make sure you dont put too much grease on the RHS as it can cause your clutch to slip if it gets on the clutch pads.

as far as carbs, i have my stock carb. but ive heard good things about the speed carb.

all in all, do what you can do first, if you find that after that you still want more performance then send it off to the shop.
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