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Old 04-03-2010, 04:10 PM
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Smile newbie!

So i was riding my bike one day,,, got really tired,,, and decided if im goin for a long haul an electric motor might be a good idea..

though, I don't like repeat expenses...or fossil fuels...

So I was thinking, how about a renewable energy bike?

Anybody else here with me?

{{{ }}}Ive been looking @ some motors[/URL] to power the bike,,, and then ways of powering it.


Possible kinetic wheel generation systems

[[[[ ]]]like a new hub

[[[ ]]]or one of these attached to the tire,,, though I've seen ways to make for next to nothing with printer motors

,,,duno [[[[ ]]]mybe this would work with aforementioned method

hook it all up to some batteries in some bad ass saddlebags I think you're set to go ANYWHERE

any suggestions? how far off am I?

gota b riding like this guy

<replace uuu's wit www's...couldn't post links duno
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Old 04-03-2010, 05:39 PM
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Default Re: newbie!

Hi Pease, Yes, the mark is a long way off in my opinion. The Al Gore crowd would have us all walking -except them.
The overwhelming favorite fuel here is gas.
I built a e-bike based on scooter parts (to be legal in this overtaxed, over-regulated state), only it has an onboard generation system powered by GAS.
Batteries are the big problem. Cheap=short life/low range.
Super expensive batteries are great but I could build a whole gas bike for the price of them.
Batteries work poorly in real cold weather.
Hang around and learn a lot at no cost at all. Welcome to Motorbicycling!
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