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Old 02-19-2010, 09:19 PM
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Default Roadbike turned tracker

Finally, after seemingly endless frustration, Ive finished my first build. Now, the next logical step is to start a new one, right??

I few days ago I bought a few old and beat up bikes (2 columbia road bikes, a raleigh, and a ladies schwinn breeze from '77). If anyone has any knowledge of any of these being a collectible please tell me because the next free weekend I get theyre getting chopped up.

I plan on building a board track-ish MB. Im not too concerned with staying with the original style, but there are a few design elements that Id like to incorporate, namely being looooowww! haaa

I also want to build a leaf springer front end. Ive already got a simple design in mind. (see 'painted' photo) where i will build a bracket to mount it to the top of the split in the fork and use a piece of the rear stays to connect the spring eye to the wheel axle. My only concern is how far forward this will put the axle in relation to the fork's rotating axis (red lines in painted photo). I have a lowrider bike now with almost 90 degree bent forks and its a ***** to control.

For the frame I plan to unbraze a few of the joints and put a slight bend in the middle of the downtube (and keeping the bottom few inches straight for engine mounting purposes) filling the empty space behind the wheel, similar to a BT. This will angle the seattube back and along with bending the toptube towards the rear, will allow me to sit very low.However, I dont like all the empty space in front of the rear wheel behind the seat tube this creates. I may not make the bend in the downtube so extreme to help with this.

You guys can see where im going with the photos. I just wanted to share and see if anyone has any ideas, tips or forewarnings before I really dive into this build. I dont have any friends who are into this kind of thing, so I need you guys!! haha

Thanks for checkin out my post,
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Old 02-19-2010, 09:44 PM
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Default Re: Roadbike turned tracker

I think this is The front fork set up n a regular bike ,stand it up ,straight up,drop a weighted string from the axle(almost touching the floormake a pincil mark,then w/a long straight edge at the head tube angle down too the looking strait down where the straight edge touches the tire(not where it touches the floor ),,the distance from the string mark to where the st.edge touching tire line on the floor is the distance too matain when changing fork angles ,,,that way the tire dosn't swing way off center when the fork turns (distance is only 3 to 4 inches)
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