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Old 01-04-2010, 10:25 PM
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Default Re: New Carb. Dellorto Style or "Performance" carb?

Originally Posted by mountain80 View Post
PHBG AS 16mm
Got another question for you Mountain...does the PHBG AS 16mm an exact fit with the stock manifold? and what jet size are you using? did you undergo a lot of testing before you find the right tuning? what are the things that you my opinion and on what I have read in the description dellorto is the best carb upgrade for china's 2 stroke...btw what engine are you using? Thanks
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Old 01-04-2010, 11:33 PM
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Default Re: New Carb. Dellorto Style or "Performance" carb?

To answer you're questions: NO the phbg series is not a simple bolt on, I machined a nylon bushing in order to adapt it. The id of the carb where it sits was 26 mm and my stock ht manifold OD measured around 0.744'' but I measured everything out with mics and such. By the time I got the carb we were into winter and have not run it BUT their is a rule of thumb that says for every 1 mm increase in carb bore size you must increase jet size 10%. My ported and polished taper bored stock carb ht motor runs a 0.66 mm jet and i am at 4400 feet elev but i also am running 160 psi compression so it uses less fuel.
I am starting with what i hope is overly rich 0.79 mm jet and will lean down from there. Also fwiw the pilot jet from factory are generally acknowleged to be hugely rich, mine came with a 50 pj and i have ordered several al the way down to 35. The engine is a generic ''80"" off ebay which has been completely gutted, rebuilt with new bearings fasteners and a trued crankshaft. Also if you are going to go with the dellorto google the tuning manual it can be downloaded for free somewhere and will be highly useful. Also check out the pics elswhere in the high performance area under first pics with the new dellorto to see how it went together

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