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Old 10-10-2009, 12:38 AM
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Default Re: Flip This Bike

Well ive been busy of late....the motor took 9 days to arrive from one of our sponsors....but with the obligatory hick-ups....that comes from these unsharpened hunting knives we affectionately call china girl.....the motors running well....very well in no small part to the things ive learned in this forum...before i even thought of firing it up i upgraded the spark plug...filed the exaust flat..changed the gaskets between both the exaust and intake...added a rubber gasket between the carb and intake manifold....cleaned the mag area and evened the gaps....took off the clutch actuator and deburred and lubed everthing...also lubed the gears at the clutch housing.... and numourous other things i learned here on the forum
back to the hickups....its a grubee motor wich im convinced is one of the best ways to go....nevertheles as it came it had a bad (cracked) float in the carb....and the head studs werent seated leaveing them long and with the cap type head bolts (that come on grubees) didnt torque correctly ...making the head leak immediatly
these things i call hick-ups becouse with what ive learned here i can diagnose immediatly....except and actualy get more pleasure from....becouse if it was all plug and play....that anyone could do... it wouldent be as much fun.
Well besides installing the motor Ive installed a scooter brake lever/switch and a 12v brakelight....a generator headlight...12v....and yes even the expencive ones burn up at 25 now i have a nice 12v bullet headlight and a nice 12v automotive turn/brake tail light that im going to battery power....this makes it difficult to keep everyone posted as to the costs....Im gonna eat my mistakes and post just the combanation that works
The post is titled FLIP THIS BIKE but truth is as long as i pay the credit card ,im happy.....ive had the oppertunity to build a realy fun safe reliable bike....each build gets better than the last

full size images flip this bike pictures by jaysawdust - Photobucket
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