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Old 05-09-2009, 11:36 AM
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Exclamation Attention Vendors!

first off i would like to welcome you to the site. your knowledge and help will always be appreciated. here are a few simple rules and comments.

1. respect other dealers. do not bad mouth another dealer that is a bad way to do business and bad dealers will ruin their own reputation without your help. talking bad or negative comments about another dealer will not be tolerated.

2. you are more then welcome to put links to your site and tell us about what you do however if that is the only reason you are here we do not want you. share your knowledge and help others and i have no problem with a little self promotion in swap and shop. a link from your site to here would be really appreciated. also you cannot post links till you have 3 posts. that is for everyone dealers and members to help keep spammers from posting links.

3. if you would like your title changed to dealer just pm me and i will make the change.

i have put a lot of money and time into building this site and want a little respect and i dont think that is alot to ask. welcome to the site and we wish all of you great success

We as staff on the leading forum for motorized bicycle discussion are constantly inundated by seemingly endless attempts to promote product. These range the full gamut, from spambots to well meaning individuals with a unique, crafted item, from blatant advertising campaigns to quiet mentions in our 'Swap and Shop' section. Well allow sponsorship, custom titles for vendors, links to business websites in signatures and even encourage tech support when a member encounters a problem with a product.

This does not mean it's the point of the forum, nor is it this site's philosophy - which is the free and open exchange of any and all information pertaining to motorized bicycles and their use.

We do not wish to penalize those whom would provide goods and services relevant to our activity, far from it - we do our best to encourage such diversity as it benefits the entire community, having vendors as active members provides vital information for both the consumer and merchant alike through solid feedback, real world experiences and reputation, resulting the overall advancement of the technology, knowledgeable and informed purchases, the betterment of the experience for all.

In many ways we've not dissimilar goals, both the ethical businessman and this forum are striving to help others by providing all we can - the difference being of course profit.

As our intent is to provide a place for the exchange of as much free and unbiased information as possible, the experiences of our members, their innovations and creativity, even just the sheer enjoyment of it all - financially profiting from such is a conflict of interest, even the advertisements, the forum sponsorship is simply to help defer server costs and related expenses such as tech support and software upgrades as well as helping to provide choices for our member base and assist the small business. Like many forums, the staff are all volunteers.

We simply cannot know the intent of those whom would wish to financially gain from our members, as above - they range from the best of intentions to outright scams. We cannot allow our forum to be dominated by commercial intent, nor do we wish to assume all have only that in mind. In the interest of fairness to the vendor and to help resolve the inherent conflict of interest we limit self promotion to our 'Swap and Shop' section, this helps ensure the main forum is predominantly for the personal experiences of our members, unbiased by a profit interest yet also providing a place for the vendor to promote his business name, products offered and related discussion with the member base.

As a result each and every attempt at self promotion is reviewed by staff and moved, edited or deleted as necessary at the discretion of that staff member. Although any staff action can be discussed and we actively encourage such via Private Messages with that or any other staff member, even reported if it's felt necessary - the rule that all commercial self promotion is restricted to our 'Swap and Shop' section is not a debatable subject. If you cannot abide by our rules, feel free to forgo the exposure and find another place to advertise.

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