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Old 09-21-2016, 05:02 AM
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Default Sprocket adapters....

So Ive been idle for awhile because my bike broke again and I ended up buying another car, but I decided to start working on my bike again before winter. I keep having the same issue with this bike, the sprocket adapter keeps coming loose, I've tried sanding it down to make it fit better this didn't work because the holes for the sprocket didn't line up and I'm using a 1 inch adapter as is the hub. What else could I do to make it work? I don't want to keep breaking spokes or having the chain fall of from this thing coming loose.....Would putting duct tape under it work?
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Old 09-21-2016, 08:47 AM
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Default Re: Sprocket adapters....

There used to be tape called 'friction tape'.
My old man (way back in the 60s) used it all the time. It was like a rough fabric with tack to it, sticky.

You know, you might try a can of plasti-dip spray-on rubber stuff.
I used it to keep my tensioner and gas tank from moving around and it has worked fine.
Rough up the hub with emery cloth, spray a light coat on it, then spray a light coat inside the adapter.
When they have dried install the adapter and see if there is a small gap between the two parts. If the screws tighten down and there is no gap between the two halves, it would mean the thing might still slip.
Good luck to you.
Buzz zzzzz zzz
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Old 09-23-2016, 12:52 AM
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Default Re: Sprocket adapters....

Are you using a lock washer on the bolts on the clamshell? Maybe try blue loctite?
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