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Motorized Bicycle Accessories What are some of your favorite accessories. Saddle bags, apparel ect. Use this area to share them.

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Old 08-28-2016, 03:27 AM
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Default Re: Center kick stand for a 4 stroke

Originally Posted by MotoMagz View Post Or any place that sells Whizzer or Cruzzer parts
Still the link for the Cruzzer Whizzer part looks the best I've seen. I'd rather not have any adjustable height type for weaker possibility.

Mostly I like this one as the all metal and wide feet on it.

It is pricy it seems, but I would be buying if my current one breaks.

On my current Sunlite Double Kickstand, the darn rubber feet I kept reattaching and realized I can just have both removed and not replaced and it won't matter. The bikes not going on a waxed shiny show room floor.

You just can't have one rubber foot on one side and a worn or missing on the other. If the ground is not level where you park and the added tilt is in the same direction additively it can tip the bike over.

Trail riding I do I know some times the kickstand is not to be trusted at all, just lean it against a tree.

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