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Wheels, Brakes and Suspension All about suspensions, rims, tires and disk, drum and caliper brakes

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Old 09-10-2016, 04:33 PM
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Default Re: sealed wheel bearings

Any decent hardware store has loose bearings in stock. I can replace every single one on my bike right now, for less than $5 at my local ACE. Sealed bearings can't beat that price point. Also, once they get contaminated, and they will, you can't really clean and regrease them, i.e., you're screwed. So, why do you want sealed bearings? If you want longer life, clean and regrease them more often, if you want smoother action, try a better grease, or ceramic bearings, which while rare, can shatter, ruining your day,
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Old 11-09-2016, 09:45 AM
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Default Re: sealed wheel bearings

One general reason loose ball or non cartridge type bearing are still popular on some high end bicycle hubs is side loading. On motor bikes we aren't out of the saddle rocking the bike back and forth side loading the bearing nearly as much as a pedal bike so the advantage diminishes. Shimano still uses normal ball bearing up to their top level unless that has changed recently. There are certainly pros and cons to both. I like the idea of mag wheel, cartridge bearing, thru axle on these because like other things there is a reason motorcycles are one way after 100 something years and pedal bikes are another. These tend to react better to motorcycle design philosophy than pedal bike but the combination of both is probably what makes them so charming if not frustrating at times.
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