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Norm's 2 stroke repair center Having problems with your 2 stroke engine? Just ask Norm, he loves to tinker and troubleshoot engines

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Old 11-29-2016, 12:22 PM
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Default Need Solution

I got a ported GT-80 66cc 4.5 HP motor I took a long trip 230 miles did ok dispite shake down repairs along the way last 30 miles power loss problems first I notice my dynamo wire fell off wrap around exhaust melted must of shorten out then the continue power loss prior I had a oil seeping out of the head I used a fabric gasket in place of the thin metal, thought it as the CDI why it was not fireing bought and tried 3 so far ohms ranging on one 6.5 ohms another 17.1 ohms the other I don't know next I have tried 3 magnetos most are in the 304 ohms to 308 ohms none work tried 3 spark plugs Z4C and a NGK 6HS-R still no spark. on 1 magneto I put a volt meter too choatic unstable readings from 5 to 11 volts the engine putters won't pop and run pulling the plugs out there wet with gas so I got gas getting in air don't know I got a CNC carburator prior soak the air filter in gas to get the dirt out. Compression does not feel like it use to feels weaker.Tell me Norm how do I get the damn thing to run?

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gt_80, won'tstart, wont run

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