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Old 11-19-2016, 12:43 AM
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Default Re: rear suspension #2

Originally Posted by Tony01 View Post
Looking good! Love the manual clutch. I'm jealous a bit of your probably very cushy ride, haha! I see you're using the exhaust threads with the nut; I just wanna say that making a real header with 7/8" ID pipe will do great things for you. Something I never got around to doing though, since my Briggs blew up, is I was gonna helicoil the exhaust port threads for 1/4-20. On my block there was just barely enough room. I had stripped the threads out on at least one bolt.

That bike looks good in white.
For the situation I wanted to use Heli Coil, but not enough material I did with just a bolt and nut through ruined threaded hole. Not always is this possible if there is not a threaded through hole where a nut can be opposite side. In the case of a few of the crankcase cover bolts on my Briggs I did this and it looks a little funny, but holds perfect. The used of Alumaweld or whatever with a torch maybe could add material and then re-thread, but I would need practice first with a hot enough torch I do not have yet for that stuff.
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