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Motorized Tandems, Trikes and Recumbent Bicycles Trikes (tricycle) and recumbent bicycles can give the ultimate in comfort for cruising on long trips or just around town. Ad an engine and they will really turn some heads.

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Old 07-20-2014, 11:32 AM
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Default Re: Stiletto 79cc Predator trike truck beta

Nice job on the trike... I like it! Venting the coffin tank should not be a problem. Drill a wee hole in the top of the cap and on the inside make a little baffle out of plastic in a flower shape (petals radiating out from center) held in place with a ring of rubber gasket which it probably already has... like a garden hose gasket... or instead of making the baffle you can purchase an axle cap in an appropriate size to use as a baffle. Learned that one here on the forum.

What are you using for an automatic clutch and what size sprockets? Are you happy with the power?
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Old 07-28-2014, 09:14 PM
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Default Re: Stiletto 79cc Predator trike truck beta

This is Koool build,like the box. Interested to see if it will pull after you change the axel.......Curt
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Old 02-09-2015, 10:08 PM
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Default Re: Stiletto 79cc Predator trike truck beta

I finally got around to replacing the shaft and mounted the disk to the front wheel.

I ended up with a final gear ratio of 14.22:1 for the those interested.
11 on clutch to 32 on the jackshaft
9 on the shaft to 44 welded to the hub
20 from the hub to 20 on the axle
The 20x3" tires measure 21.64xxxxxxxxx"
I'm lazy so I put this into the little Ratio Calculator app and it tells me 27.1mph at 6000rpm. I can get it up to 32mph on a flat but the valves don't sound very happy at all so I try to keep it around 25-28mph. This was tested with bike computer, phone gps speedometer and car following me all taken on separate runs. I use it for 3mile round trip grocery runs and hauling me around this tiny little town so it doesn't need top speed anyway.

I'm sitting here staring at a Cheetah that will drop it back down to 12.03:1 aggravated that I have to wait tell Thursday to try it. I ordered a 3/4" to 5/8" adapter at the same time and all I saw that came with the over sized key wile looking were 1 1/4" long. Never thought to measure the Cheetah tell Sunday and it takes up 2 1/4" of the shaft. Luckily I found a 3/4 to 5/8 HEIM JOINT reducer that's 7/8" long for $4.50 shipped that should keep the sprocket section of the clutch from riding on air and asking for trouble. I only got the Cheetah hoping it will get rid of the acceleration vibrations that I can only assume are from the $30 Max Torque clutch. Actually, now that I think back going from 12.44:1 to 14.22:1 lessened the vibes and moved them from take off to acceleration so I'm about certain its the clutch. It will be nice if the cheetah is smooth enough to let me take off without pedaling at the 12.03:1 ratio. If not I'll have to buy a 24 to replace the 20 tooth on the final axle or change the 32 on the js back to the 28 and hack up the 28 tooth chain ring I got for another project and attach it to the 20 tooth. Option 2 is a pain but saves $25 and a week of waiting for the part. Oh the cheetah comes with a 13 14 and 15 tooth #35 sprockets and the smallest they make for it is a 12t and is obviously the reason for the gear ratio changes.

The disk isn't near as good on the wheel as it was on the jackshaft. Never thought about the gear ratios making the disk brake better until I moved it to the front wheel. The picture below is what happened to the axle after locking up the brake when it was on the jackshaft. I was only doing 15-20mph at the time. It had been twisted for a wile but not this bad. This time cutting it out was the only option.

And after 10 months of just sitting on the covered front porch the little predator fired on the first pull and started on the second in below freezing temperatures with gas that had been sitting in the jug just as long if not longer. Would have been from the tank but some punk drained it less than a week after I parked the thing.
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Old 02-09-2015, 10:27 PM
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Default Re: Stiletto 79cc Predator trike truck beta

That's a fine looking trike you have there Storm.

I'm glad that car didn't clean you up. When you ride a bike you have to treat every car driver like they're a cretin who has left their specs at home.
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