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Default Re: Uploading photos

Just a side note but the forum is looking into new software and this won't be the PITB it has been.
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Default Re: Uploading photos

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I have my own internet sever and upload all my pics there so I can reference them whenever and wherever I want in a post with just the IMG tags.

Handy ;-}
Did I mention you can upload your bike pics to my server from my web site as well?

You have to register of course as it is forum based and usually for my customers, but if you want to sort of 'register' your bike with the basic facts and be able to upload pics you can reference elsewhere this works for me.

TIP: Include your bike frame Serial Number in your topic, pics and a serial # increase your odds of getting a stolen bike back.

Read it ALL before you click the link please!
I am letting you park your pics and bike facts on my system and it does nothing for me other than helping the motorized bicycle community and I like doing that ;-}
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