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Old 04-21-2017, 04:10 AM
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Default Re: GT2-A Headset?

Well, I have a basic 4 bolt chain tensioner that I was hoping would work but if I have to get a spring one I will, I didn't know for sure if I would need it or not. I will definately get the sealed bearings headset though, I'm sure its worth the extra $7.50. I will have to check my derailleur and see how I can mount it to this frame. I have a cartridge style rear wheel hub and a 7 speed sprocket set and shifter. It's a basic 36 spoke wheel but it's got a nice fat rim for fat tires. But like I said, I was going to go direct drive at first but set it up so all I have to do is put the jackshaft shifter kit on to upgrade it and the rear wheel is ready to fly.

I painted it mostly because I didn't care for the gold finish it came with and I wanted to protect the metal with something that is resistant to oil and gas spills on it. That is why I got the engine paint, so that when I spill oil and gas on it the paint will resist and not peal off. I wasn't really planning on putting a clear coat on it and making it all shinny but I gotta say that this engine paint was pretty thick stuff. I used an automotive paint sprayer and I had to mix in 10% thinner to get it to spray thin enough so that it didn't come out in chunks. It said this stuff takes 7 days to cure, they advise that if you want to give it a 2nd coat to do it no more than 30 mins after the first one, or wait 7 days for it to cure. I did put a 2nd coat on 20 mins after the first, I tried to do it lightly but I probably sprayed it too thick or got the sprayer too close a couple of times. I sanded it pretty good with an orbital sander and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, then let it totally evaporate before putting on the primer. Will I fix it? hmmmmm, let me think about it some more, haha, probably not, it's really not that bad, it's still blue. I should say that I should have just sent it to you to paint. Your bikes look awesome! You certainly know what you are doing for paint, good job man!!

Anyhow, I appreciate your interest and input Zip, I know that you've made several cool bikes on GT2 Skyhawk frames as well as other frames. I've seen the work you have posted here and I'm certain you know what you are talking about. Hey, this is only my 2nd motorized bike build.

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Old 04-22-2017, 12:31 AM
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Default Re: GT2-A Headset?

You will love your bike and the performance should be super good. Painting bare frames is tough to do, I used to struggle with rattle cans and painting as no matter what I did I would screw it up until I discovered the combo of the 2 brands of paint. Just wanted to pass it on for you or anyone who reads the post in the future. I am very interested if you end up installing that sealed headset because no doubt I will be building another GT 2 in the future.
Hope you post progress reports with lots of pictures.
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