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Old 02-21-2017, 01:49 AM
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Default Re: Safer Plastic Fenders For Motorized Bikes/instructions

Ultralight, Yep the fenders themselves are strong. just make a bracket and attach to the seat stay. That seat post clamp is junk and with all the leverage its too floppy. Its why I will make a full rear fender out of two for the rear also when the parts come in. I will make the two pieces way shorter,then Pop rivet them together and connect with a strong L bracket like i did with the front.
Feather light full front and rear fenders with very little work and money.
I have only 12.00 bucks into my front and rear full lightweight fenders.
- sbest there is no hope for your fenders, LOL... Fast bikes and gravel roads and trails and indestructible fenders are really needed. I bet you will come up with something cool.
I guess they need to be a bit shorter. You could get the type above as they are curved with strong sides that wont bend. Anyhow I would trade fenders problems any day and live in Nova Scotia. Rugged and beautiful, lots of wildlife, forests, water and ocean everywhere... I bet, great people too. On my list to visit someday soon.
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