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Originally Posted by af0h View Post
Just going out on a limb here. New to this forum, but not new in any way to 2-strokes.

It's been my belief for a while that the extra oil we commonly run in these HT's is not for the Piston/Rings, but more for the bearings (lower in particular). Is it possible that 100:1 - no matter how good the oil - just isn't enough for proper lubrication of these bearings?

I've also used Amsoil Sabre with great success, but at 50:1. Recently i've been using Poulan 2-cycle Synthetic at 40:1 (recommended) but added 1 oz. of MMO as well (good cleaning and upper lube).

Any way you go, 100:1 just seems like it's too thin for these China Girls.....
If there was any sign of tight bearings I'd say you're right but the engine is not showing anything that would lead me to believe that's the case. Either hot or cold the crank rotates effortlessly. Bear in mind I'm having trouble with two different engines, one with well over 1000 miles on it and the other with about 200. The lower milage engine regained a little of its previous power after changing back to new gasoline and the regular 2 cycle oil I've always used but the older one is not running worth a darn anymore. Got me stumped, for sure.
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