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Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
The placebo effect runs strong in some young Tom.

There really is no way any 100:1 oil caused any of these bikes to get 5-10 mph faster. And I sell an excellent 100:1 oil. I don't (do?) want to see the bottom end (or rings/bore) of these engines after months of running any 100:1 oil.
For the life of me I can't see or hear anything that leads me to believe there is damage but something is very wrong. The night before I switched oils I took two of the bikes for a ride. It was a beautiful evening and I put twelve to fourteen miles on both bikes. They were running strong when I put them away for the evening. The next day I switched oils and everything went to h*** in a handbasket. I'm no newcomer to engines, either 2 or 4stroke but this one is a mystery to me. If it had been just one engine I could have placed the blame on the milage and said it is just worn out but to have the same thing happen to 2 different motors one of them with less than 200 miles on it...I can only place the blame on one thing. What is odd, is that I can't find anything wrong. If the compression was gone or the pistons were slapping around then I could say the lack of lubrication was the culprit but that isn't the case. I'm just glad I didn't wreck 3 engines instead of just 2.
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