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Here goes nothing: New gas and my usual 2-stroke oil. Replaced carb even though it was as clean as a whistle inside. Replaced CDI and the magneto. Stripped off all my heat shrink and checked the wiring connections. I didn't take a compression check before switching oils but the engine has loads of compression. No air leaks at the intake, carb or case gaskets. Checked crankshaft seals, replaced the plug and plug wire and it still will not go any faster than about 14mph and that's down a slight incline that the bike used to easily do over 30 on. The bearings are free, no unusual noises from the engine and I don't have the brakes on. The mix I used was based on factory marking on the Opti-2 bottle. 1.3 oz per gallon of gasoline. The gas was the same as I used to mix the last batch of 2-cycle fuel so I know it's not bad gasoline. And... out of curiosity I just had to try the second bike. Now, after about 5 miles it will not idle, even with the idle screw all the way in and it has lost about 3mph off its top end on that same hill I mentioned above. If anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them. Oh, yeah, I played with the mixture too. I've raised and lowerd the 'c' clip from the top to the bottom with little to no effect. In all honesty I'm stumped here. Whatever happened is keeping itself secret because I can't find anything wrong. Nevertheless I now have one bike that can't pull me up hills and the other one that has lost power but not as bad as the other because it wasn't ridden as much, I fear. I didn't even chance the last one. I drained the Opti-2 mix and filled it with my old standby. It's still running great. Just my luck?
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