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Whoa!!!! Something bad is happening
Went for a ride this morning with the oldest bike, the Chris Hill 80 with over 1000 miles on it. It has always run like a clock and did the night before I switched oils. The first two or three miles it ran okay, nothing noticable different until today. After less than a mile I began to see a rather dramitic decrease in power. I turned around and headed for home at a blistering 12mph. And that was all she would do, had to pedal up two hills that I normally take at 20, easy. It doesn't idle and is slow to respond to throttle. After finally getting home I've looked at everything. Muffler is clear, good compression, good spark, fuel bowl, line and carb are clean. Good fuel flow. The plug looked good but I replaced it anyway. There wasn't much carbon on the top of the piston and it looks like it did before the oil change. So what's different? 24 hours before the engine was running great. Now with the Opti-2 it won't get out of its own way.
I'm going out now and mix up a batch of my old 2-cycle oil and fresh gas and draining the tank. That's all that's left to try. I'll come back with the results later.
Oh, I have not even started the other bikes after the initial 2 miles or so that I tried yesterday. I don't want to take a chance that I'll screw something up on all my engines.
I'm tempted to ride one and see what happens but I'm going back to the old mix on the CH-80 first, just to satisfy my curiosity. I'll be bock............
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