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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Okay, my bikes have been switched over to Opti-2. I'm so anal I even flushed the tanks with straight gasoline just to make sure the first tank was pure Opti. I've only put about three miles on each and they seem to be running just fine. Nevertheless I can't tell you how unnerving it is to mix your first gallon of fuel and see just how little oil you're putting in. Scary when you compare it with what you're accustomed to. It took a lot to keep from tipping that bottle just a little more but I resisted the urge and kept to the instructions. Time will tell. More reports as the miles progress.
I had to laugh when I read your post, Tom. I had just finished draining the gas from both my American Flyers, trying to get out the last few drops from each tank, then carefully measuring the 100-1 mix of Opti-2 for the first time and feeling like the mad chemist. I went through similar anxiety when I went against the common wisdom years back and was using Amsoil Sabre Professional in my bikes at 50-1 even thought the manufacturer said 100-1. I couldn't make myself follow directions...just didn't seem like enough oil. Recent threads here at the forum have made me more reckless and daring.... jumped the Amsoil up to 75-1 with no ill effect and now I'm, giving the Opti-2 a try. I'm about to go for a twelve mile ride to see if I can tell a difference by the time I get back. First one bike and then this evening I'll give the other one a go. Ha! Good luck to us both and to all old farts riding these things. Here Here! All Hail! Ectera...
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