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Hey Rat! I meant fairracing31, honest. I have never heard of a wheel with solar panels. It doesn't even sound like it would work to me. Efficient panels (mono or polycrystalline) are too heavy (talk about an unbalanced wheel), and flexible solar panels are nowhere near efficient enough, at least for charging EV batteries. You'd get almost no power, even if you covered the entire wheel. I'm planning on having 90 watts of solar cells (polycrystalline cells, not panels) above my head, somewhat like this, only just the top, flat part. Well, and using individual solar cells instead of fabric panels. Its actually a lot harder to explain than it is to visualize in my head. The frame will be made out of fairly thin PVC pipe, and mounted to the rear rack and also to the frame directly below the handle bars. I'll use a 'T', to split it, so it won't be directly in my line of vision. And although its somewhat convoluted, its honestly the best I can do to describe it.

Oh, and then it will have 30 watts of panels mounted to the top of the storage container I'll be mounting to the rear rack. There will be a total of "24V" @ 3.5A. It will be ~30V actually, since you can't charge two 12V batteries to 28-29V with 24V worth of output. You'll see it fairly soon, if all goes well.

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