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Default Re: Kill Switch Mounting

Don't cheat. That hole is to keep the twist grip throttle from rotating on the handlebar. You don't need to remove the bars from the bike to drill it unless all you have is a drillpress. Follow the instructions, drill the hole where they tell you or you can measure it yourself. Slide the throttle/kill switch onto the bar as far as it will go then wrap a piece of masking tape around the bar where the kill switch meets. Measure the distance from the end of the switch to the center of the pin then transfer that measurement to the handlebar. That's where you want the hole. You also should sit on the bike and find a comfortable hand position for the throttle/kill switch before drilling. This will give you the location of where to drill. Hope this helps. Oh, and failing to drill the hole will usually result in breaking the tabs on the kill switch when you try to tighten it enough to keep it from rotating.
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