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Originally Posted by Vanderwaal View Post
new around here. like a lot of people i'm getting sick and tired of being screwed at the gas pump so i'm considering motorizing my kulana. i see a lot of people on here have used the kulana to build a motorized bike so i'm looking forward to your expertise.

but... i do have a question. i've seen a lot of mpg numbers floating around here and i'm wondering what kind of gas mileage i'll realistically get driving 25 to 30 mph, 10 miles total a day too and from work.

looks like a fun project and i must admit that the gas mileage thing isn't the only reason i want to build one but that's the reason i have to give to the wife so that she doesn't freak out about a new toy. i kinda hope it goes so well that she'll let me motorize her bike too.

so, anyway, hello. nice to be here. hope to learn a lot from you guys.

Even if you run you bicycle motor extremely hard, you will never see less than 100 mpg on a frame mount kit.

With a little pedal assist and some coasting, 200 mpg are possible with an engine like the one on my avatar bike.
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