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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

I agree friend, but we can fight the man....Problem is the Man will bring it down upon even their citizens when the time comes....It will take a lot of courageous people to stand up, problem is the weak and stupid are the vast majority of people and their all vote happy. Now days it's like we actually vote for the guy that best manipulated and deceived us into believing false truths, and we are supposed to be OK with this? Corporate America Unfortunately would have to fall and be banished from any political structure for this to succeed. So many people have already lost so much they can't afford it . That it means they would lose their life savings, and all they have to last
the rest of their days and it is very intimidating for everyone at this point..............Sorry about the rant, it's past my bedtime and I just found out my girl has a bun in the oven.
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