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Default Re: Advice on buying an engine kit... anyone?

Originally Posted by Lorissa Nelson View Post
Hey all, my son is 15 and I'd like to get him an engine kit to make a motorized bike. Problem is that neither he nor I know anything about them. He's got 2 nice mountain bikes, so we only need the engine... but which one should we get? Are the cheaper ones worth it? What should we stay away from? Any input would be really helpful seeing as this is my first foray into mechanics.
These are typical of the answers you'll get regarding the best and the worst motor kits. If a customer is pleased with his kit he'll swear that it is the best. If he got burned by either an inferior kit or bad service from his supplier you'll hear the opposite. Here is a good rule of thumb regarding Motorized Bicycle engine kits; Shy away from the very cheap e-bay sellers and look for one who either advertises on this forum or one that you see has a better than average approval rate by members here. Before you purchase do some reading here and research your proposed seller by name. For the most part almost without exception the 2 stroke engines and the kit parts are identical. They are all made in China by a handfull of small factories and distributed under a variety of name brands here in America. As opposed to looking for the best motor kit may I suggest you concentrate on the after sale support and warranty offered by the seller. Do some reading and check out the advertisers you see here before buying and I'm sure you'll make a good choice. In regards to your son's age the advice given above is good. Check your local and state laws before allowing your boy to ride.
After you have made a decision on which kit to purchase please feel free to post any questions that might arise as far as installation is concerned. We're all here to help and offer any assistance that you'll need.
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