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Default Re: Advice on buying an engine kit... anyone?

Originally Posted by Lorissa Nelson View Post
Hey all, my son is 15 and I'd like to get him an engine kit to make a motorized bike. Problem is that neither he nor I know anything about them. He's got 2 nice mountain bikes, so we only need the engine... but which one should we get? Are the cheaper ones worth it? What should we stay away from? Any input would be really helpful seeing as this is my first foray into mechanics.
first, understand that i am NOT the type of person that follows laws to the letter. however: you may want to check your state laws. most states i know require the rider to be at least 16. there might be states that allow riders to be 15, but im unaware which they are.
if he's underage and gets caught, besides fines, its not impossible that they could impound the bike. for keeps. again, thats something to investigate.

as far as the engine kit: you can read my post on that page. it covers a few sellers, without a bunch of discussion to wade thru.
stay away from: boy go fast and revolution cycles. they suck.
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You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.
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