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Okay. I've read enough and listened to enough so now I'm going to try John's oil. I picked up some Opti-2 today at the local rental company who happens to be a Toro dealer. The owner swears by Opti-2 and-4 and recommends it to his customers and uses it in all of his rental 2 and 4 stroke machines. He also told me that Opti-2 will add 2 years to a Toro engine warrantee. That means if Toro gives you 2 years on the engine, Opti-2 will add another 2 years to your warrantee if you use their product exclusively. That's a pretty strong testimonial. I'll mix up my first batch tonight and see how things work out. My fuel tanks are nearly empty so I'm going to drain them make the change cold turkey. I'll keep you posted.
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