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Default Re: Tips on quieting the muffler?

Originally Posted by restapukin View Post
just... the other day i got my head close to the engine & moved it (my head) around whilst listening to the noise output & blipping the throttle

must have been a horrible sight....

but i was thinking how loud the intake was & how quiet the exhaust was ...
Yeah - w/o a doubt the intake is insanely loud, if ya think about it it makes sense - not only is air RIPPING through the thing, on a two-stroke if you peer through the manifold you can see the piston. Obviously this means there's gonna be some noise.

Ultralight airplanes are mostly two-strokes, mine had a Rotax 440 and the intake was FAR louder than the exhaust, even louder than the prop roar. I bought an intake silencer and all of a sudden I has a stealth plane!

It's a shame there's no readily available intake silencer for these kits, but the concept is simple enough. Here's a diagram of the one I had, even if it wasn't way too big, I wouldn't recommend buying ultralight parts - they're crazy overpriced.

However from that pic you can see the potential for making one yourself, I'd be on this project except I have NO clearance at all near my carb... ah well, mebbe someone else will get an idea

edit: Haha, oops... sorry to jack the thread, I didn't see there was a second page already *blush*

nothing to see here - move along

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