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Default Re: Engine Block Problem (Mounting Studs Are Broken)

The hole that’s been drilled off center is your biggest problem. I would pull the lower end apart and JB weld the hole from inside. When drilling out a stud start with a small bit and keep getting a little larger with each drill. The stud is slightly softer in the center so buy opening it up a little at a time the bits will gradually try to center in the stud. On the stud that hasn't been drilled, spend a lot of time center punching the stud, then drill it out to about .040 and set a std. 6mm nut(or ¼-20) on top of the stud. With a wire feed welder, spot-weld through the nut and onto the end of the stud. Weld the nut to the stud and after letting it cool a short time, try unscrewing the nut. If the nut brakes off weld on another nut until you get the stud out. I would drill out both holes (front mount, Ex studs and intake studs) with a #7 drill and tap with a 1/4-20 tap. Next get some good studs to replace the soft china ones. The one nice thing about the stud you drilled is that you can open it up to a 8mm if you have to. Next time take more time with the center punch. I drill all the 6mm out to ¼-20 as soon as I get a motor. The other nice thing is a replacement case is jut over $20.00. Have a Nice Day. Center Photo shows 6mm then 1/4-20 and bottom 8mm. Right showe 6mm , Broken Stud Drilled off center and lower is 1/4-20 American stud. Vic
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