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Default Re: Choosing the right bike - Single Speed? Does it matter?

If you haven't bought the bike yet it depends on your budget. If you can't afford a new "bike shop" bike. Then I think you are way better off to search craigslist for one instead of buying a new dept. store bike. There are alot of differences that aren't so obvious. Esp. in the bikes hubs. Lot of walmart type bikes have a rear hub that has the right side bearing inset quite a ways. The rear cluster screws on like a single speed freewheel does. The ratchet inside is poor. The tires bad and spokes are soft. Poor brakes. There's a reason for the $200 difference in price. Mt. Bikes are way easier first builds. Single or multi speed only matters if you want to do a shift kit later. But generally a multi speed rear hub on a good bike is a better hub and easier to build. Please read the sticky's about motor prep etc. It will save you tons of greif. Motor opinions are going to vary alot. I buy all my motors from Zoom cause I've had good luck with them.
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