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Default Re: Engine Block Problem (Mounting Studs Are Broken)

Try using a center punch and punch the seam in the second bolt at the same spot you drilled the other one. Put some masking tape around the drill so you know how deep your getting. Figure out what size grade 5 or 8 studs you can get at the local hardware and get the tap and nylock nuts to match. Get some JB weld. Tap the new holes. You may need to tap them till the tap bottoms out then either use a bottom tap or grind the end of the tap off till there's just a little taper on it to turn it into a bottom tap and thread the holes to the bottom. Install the new studs with the JB weld. Now get new metric studs for the intake, exhaust, front motor mount. Take the originals out put the new better studs in with Lok-tite blue. If you can't find studs use metric bolts. Don't wait for the same thing to happen all over your motor.
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