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Default Re: Tips on quieting the muffler?

I've wanted to try a longer pipe and muffler- I bought a sharp looking chrome extended pipe and muffler from Boygofast on ebay, for not much more than regular muffler, but it won't fit on this cruiser without some real modification that I have no time or energy for at the moment-

This one is meant to pass on top of the bottom bracket right next to crank arms, and so it must be just the right angle. Mine isn't.

If I cut this old pipe a few inches down and couple a segment to the new one, I can probably run under the bottom bracket, but I'd have to lose the kickstand and get a rear one- too much $$, but maybe I'd just not have a kickstand for more quiet.

Also hanging long pipes and muffler gets complicated, but the solution might be to use THREE screw clamps- one on pipe and/or muffler, one running other direction as hanger and one around chainstay- (the clamps come in all sizes- about 2 7/8" inches or wider are needed to use around the 16 oz beer cans.)

I was looking for some flexline of some type I've seen on photos of other builds, and haven't found anything yet, but maybe some unflexible copper extension tubes. Inside must be 7/8 inch to couple over exterior of other pipes. So if anyone has a line on this flexline stuff, let us know-

There is a more expensive extension tube and muffler, chrome again, at livefastmotors sometimes (also on ebay), and it drops down under the bottom bracket and under the chainstay.

Also an expensive expansion tube and muffler at Sick Bike parts I think-

I've also though about cutting out a small plastic wastebasket that hugs the motor and mounting it, or using something like BMX number plates on the side- to muffle the sound of the motor otherwise- like the scooters are generally under fairings. But I'm not sure if that would keep in too much heat- my motor seems to run better cooler

The 2 cycle will always be a bit loud, more than a 4 cycle sccooter or bike motor- but compared to many motorcycles, it isn't as bad, because they are not only loud and whiny, they also have a lot of bass throaty noise that at least our whiners don't.

The beer cans really take a notch out of the sound and for only the cost of some screw clamps- My end cap had come off the muffler and now I have about 3-4 inches of aluminum beer can extension I've drilled some holes in the end to serve as endcap.

(The duct tape has DEFINITELY melted down- NOT RECCOMMENDED!)

I like to kill my motor a lot, if i'm coming up around people, on downhills, at intersections- just to be less conspicuous and less of a disturbance,

to cool the motor down occasionally,

and to save gas-

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