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Default Re: Hi new fan in arizona!


Where to ride is easy, anywhere a bicycle can go. Just make some smart decisions. Like Bell Road is a really bad idea, but I do ride on it, ocassionally. Paradise Ln is by far better and only a couple blocks south of Bell. Union Hills is a really nice road, so is Greenway. What I find is that the streets a 1/2 mile off of the major roads really are a lot safer. I don't know what part of Phoenix you are in so can't tell you specifically which ones to avoid, although I would say to stay off 7th Ave and 7st and its reversible lane area.

I stick to my part of town so Happy Valley to Dunlap and 32nd St to 67th Ave is what I know best on my bike.
Map your motorized bikes location on a Frappr Map show us where you are and post a pic of your bike.

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