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Originally Posted by am21 View Post
So my stock chain that came with the kit broke off last week after about 200 miles of use, and ive read all the posts about the 41 chain so i went out to my local tractor supply co and bought the 10ft, no i just spent an hour trying to get a pin out so i could fit the chain, i have a park chain breaker tool and it would just not do it, it keep slipping off, i even tried use a dremel and a drill to give the pin on the chain a more grip but couldn't get it. in all my effort the pin maybe moved a 1mm, does any have any advice on how i should go about breaking the chain?
I have the same tool, breaking the chain was easy enough. I know the tool really isn't big enough for the chain but I just shoved it in and started turning. The hard part is getting it back in. The pin was sticking out and I had to tilt it in at an angle. It took a few tries but I got it together and the pin pushed the other side of the chain out so I used a pliers to snap the chain together and it's been working really good. I didn't want to use the master link that came with it.
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