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Default Re: Loc-Tite or lock nuts - which is better?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
You didn't say which nuts you're having problems keeping tight but it really makes no difference. There is no rule that says you have to use studs and nuts. You can replace them with bolts. The intake and exhaust manifolds will require a 6mm X 20mm. I suggest Allen head capscrews instead of hex heads because of the limited space available. Lock washers are needed too. The engine mounts can also benefit from using the Allen heads. The front mount, if you have a standard size down tube, will take a 6mm X 20mm, the rear, 6mm X 50 or 55mm. Do not use the red Loctite. You'll never get things apart without heating, especially the aluminum parts, without thread damage. I'm not a big fan of LocTite on these bikes but if you use it do what Humsuckler says and use the blue lable type.
As for the petcock leak; teflon tape is not a sealer. It is a thread lubricant made for pipe threads. Pipe threads are tapered and the tighter they are the better they seal. Teflon tape only allows you to tighten the fittings more than a dry thread. The same is true for most pipe dopes. They are not meant to stop leaks unless tightening them will seal the leak. The Chinese kit supplied tanks and petcocks are not pipe threads. They are a machine thread that rely on a gasket between the two parts to seal. If the gasket is there but leaking you can replace it or try sealing it with a gasket sealer such as Permatex. There are some sealers made for this purpose but you need to look for one compatible with gasoline. Some sealants are made for water and steam and gas will eat them up. If you're missing that gasket, it's usually red, about 1/2" diameter, you'll need to find one.
Thanks for the info. I pretty much figured the teflon tape was a waste of time. I doubt there is anything you could put on threads to stop gas from leaking. I just checked and the petcock did come with the washer shaped gasket, so I'll be sure to use it. I'll be sure to test it with a little bit of gas before I fill the tank so I don't waste a tank of gas.
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