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Default Rebuilding the kit, storage options, etc

Hi all, it's been a while since I posted here. I've decided to rebuild the kit, which is about 80% complete already. Once you build one without good instructions, you never forget how lol! That Chinese kit manual was awful.

The idea is to test the engine, make sure I have all the parts, and then carefully select a new bike to mount it on. It will fit on the current bike, but just barely. I'd at least have to do some cutting on the frame to secure the motor better... and TBH I'd rather mount it on a Cruiser anyway.

Interestingly, I found a local motorized bike rider on c-list, though he was selling his. I tried emailing the guy to ask about his experiences riding it. (mainly how to deal with cops)

Beyond just saying hello, I'd like to ask how some of you store your bikes. Last time I tried keeping it inside because it was getting cold but the fumes really messed me up and I had to use the neighbor's inhaler! At the time I lived in an apartment. Now I live in a house with a yard, so I have options for storing things. I'm thinking of building a shelter out of wood scraps and tarp to keep it from getting wet... though I'm not sure if water would really affect it or not. I do know the cold can be pretty hard on rubber, and for that what do the rest of you do?
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