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Default Re: how much rust is too much for inside your gas tank?

Originally Posted by stpwellington View Post
i sprayed it with wd40 and used a brush to get a bit of it off. what is pb blaster and kroil exactly? any different or better than wd40? and what do you mean by premix lol im a newbie.

by diluted toilet bowl cleaner i assume you mean with water. what kind of toilet bowl cleaner would you think to use? ive been using clorox for my toilets, which im sure contains bleach, and im not sure about using that.
PB Blaster and Kroil are also spray penetrants/rust removers, in a class above WD-40. But don't knock yourself out finding them. Problem with a brush is you can't reach all the areas. Premix is fuel oil mix.

Can't comment on the toilet water. Never tried.
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